Guide to Starting Annual Flower Seeds

Save money and grow flowers not usually available in stores by starting your own annual flowers.


Vinca is an excellent annual flower to start from seedVinca
Catharanthus roseus

These bushy 12-to 14-inch plants bear a profusion of single blooms in white, apricot, pink, or rose. ‘Stardust Orchid’ produces big blooms and is easy to grow.

To start seeds indoors: Start the seeds indoors about 8 to 10 weeks before your last frost date. Sprinkle seeds over the moist medium, cover them with a scant 1/6 inch of soil, then lay damp newspaper over the soil surface to keep the seeds moist and dark. Maintain the soil temperature at 70° to 75°F. Check daily for signs of germination; remove the paper as soon as sprouts appear (2 or 3 days). Plant the seedlings outdoors 2 to 4 weeks after your last frost date.

Photo: (cc) Katy Warner/Flickr