Guide to Starting Annual Flower Seeds

Save money and grow flowers not usually available in stores by starting your own annual flowers.


Celosia is an excellent annual flower to start from seedCelosia
Celosia argentea

Whether you grow the “plumed” type, which looks like big feathers, or the “crested” type, curled like the combs of a rooster, celosia adds bold color to beds or containers. The stems are good for cutting, too.

To start seeds indoors: Sow seeds 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date, barely covering them with medium. Keep the soil temperature at about 75°F. When seeds germinate (about 5 to 10 days), lower the temperature to 65° to 70°F. Feed 2-week-old seedlings with diluted fish emulsion and repeat 2 weeks later. Set out the seedlings 2 weeks after the last frost date; transplanting them sooner can hurt flowering later in the season.

Photo: (cc) Lali Thamba/Flickr