Guide to Starting Annual Flower Seeds

Save money and grow flowers not usually available in stores by starting your own annual flowers.


Cosmos is an excellent annual flower to start from seedCosmos
Cosmos spp.

Cosmos bears single white, pink, lavender, or burgundy blooms from summer through frost. Dwarf cultivars, such as ‘Sonata’, tend to bloom earlier than taller-growing types.

To start seeds indoors: About 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date, sow the seeds, covering them with about 1/8 inch of medium. Keep the temperature at about 70°F. When seeds sprout (5 to 7 days), lower the heat to about 60°F and provide bright light to keep them from becoming “leggy.” Transplant seedlings outdoors around the last frost date.

Photo: (cc) Ragnar Jensen/Flickr