Guide to Starting Annual Flower Seeds

Save money and grow flowers not usually available in stores by starting your own annual flowers.


Impatiens is an excellent annual flower to start from seedImpatiens
Impatiens wallerana

Arguably the best flower for shady areas, impatiens bloom nonstop from the time you transplant them to the garden until frost. The 6-to 30-inch tall plants cover themselves with single or double blooms in pink, red, purple, orange, salmon, and white—both solid shades and bicolors.

To start seeds indoors: Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the premoistened starting medium, about 8 to 10 weeks before your last frost date. Don’t cover the seeds—they need light to germinate. Set the containers directly beneath fluorescent lights; keep the soil moist and at 70° to 80°F. Seeds should sprout in 1 to 3 weeks. Transplant the seedlings outside a week or two after the last frost date.

Photo: (cc) Chris Gladis/Flickr