Indoor Blooms

6 plants to brighten your home.

By Carolyn Szczepanski


Streptocarpus is a popular winter blooming plant for indoorsStreptocarpus
The orchidlike flowers of the Streptocarpus make it enticing and its long period of bloom makes the plant desirable. Streptocarpus has seen a recent boom in hybridization resulting in numerous compact cultivars, including the popular Streptocarpus 'Joker' and the Bristol's Series, heavy bloomers that fit into a windowsill. Once settled in cool, indirect light, they can be quite tolerant of occasional neglect. "Even if they're virtually dead, if you water them once, they'll come back to life," says Dr. Ralph Robinson, owner of the Violet Barn, in Naples, New York. 

Photo: (cc) tanny1939/flickr