Indoor Blooms

6 plants to brighten your home.

By Carolyn Szczepanski


Begonias are a popular winter blooming plant for indoorsBegonias
Not all types of Begonia will produce a reliable show of color during the holiday season. Only rhizomatous and winter-flowering begonias are stimulated, instead of stunted, by decreasing daylight, says Byron Martin, owner of Logee's Greenhouse, in Danielson, Connecticut. The rhizomatous beefsteak begonia, B. 'Erythrophylla'—the oldest begonia hybrid in circulation—boasts glossy leaves that are red on the reverse and a crown of bright blossoms. Other easy but prolific bloomers include B. 'River Nile', which has star-shaped leaves and bright pink blossoms, and B. 'Freddie', which has bronzed, foot-long leaves and tall spikes of dark pink flowers. Also look for Hiemalis begonias (sometimes sold as Rieger or Blush begonias)—hybrids developed to be winter bloomers.