It's Tomato Time

Enjoy your harvest to its fullest with these juicy ideas for eating tomatoes big and small, red and green.

By Barbara Rodriguez


How to store tomatoesKitchen Care

  • Slice tomatoes from top to bottom, not through the center, to retain seeds and guarantee a tidy presentation.
  • I know, I know what Aunt Sophia says, but a tomato sauce cooked longer than 30 minutes will begin to lose flavor. Well, okay, meat-based sauces are the exception—the longer they cook, the better. Sophia knows that.
  • Cherry tomato kebabs skewered on rosemary spears, brushed with olive oil and briefly grilled (until they plump or begin to split) make a lovely and tasty garnish for grilled food.
  • Few herbs and spices don't complement tomatoes. The tried-and-true favorites are oregano, basils (all of them), dill, garlic, parsley, and thyme. But why not experiment by pairing different varieties of tomatoes with less predictable flavors? Match slices of your tomatoes with shredded leaves of pineapple or apple mint, tarragon, or sage. Lemon thyme leaves are my favorite flavor burst in tomato salads.