Love in Bloom

Flowering trees bring the landscape to life. Their blossoms will delight your senses and set your garden apart.

By Marty Ross


Flowering Trees: Flowering DogwoodFLOWERING DOGWOOD
Cornus florida
10-20 ft

Snow white dogwood blossoms transform the landscape. Woodland edges positively spring to life when they bloom, and a specimen of the pink-flowered form, below, is a captivating sight. Kress says flowering dogwood is "a super-attractive bird tree." Birds find shelter and nesting sites in its branches, and you can time the fall migration by watching the berries mature; bright red berries ripen at the peak of migration for thrushes, he says. The biggest challenge with dogwoods can be in deciding where to plant them--they are an understory tree, with characteristic horizontal branching in high shade, but they also develop a full, rounded crown in sun. Good drainage and air circulation are important, as healthy trees resist dogwood anthracnose. Hardy in Zones 5 to 9 (to assure hardiness, northern gardeners are advised to buy trees propagated from northern stock).