Monthly Garden Calendar for Florida

Organic Gardening Month-to-Month Almanac

By Andres Mejides



This is wonderful month for gardening in South Florida. The nights—and the days—are cooler. We may even get a cold snap toward the end of the month! When the rainy season ends, we're able to spend the whole day in the garden.

Even though the days are noticeably shorter, we can still get a lot done before sundown. Be sure to leave some time to call your friends in the single digit zones to tell them about the beautiful weather. (You do, however, run the risk that they'll pop in unexpectedly!)

Start Heat-tolerant Brassicas. Collard greens, broccoli, cabbage, mustard and kale. You can also plant carrot and okra seeds directly in the garden. With afternoon shade, you can even start lettuce. Wait to plant cukes, squash, and corn until after the rains have stopped.

Want To Plant Roses? Get the soil ready, then plant rose bushes about mid-month. They'll acclimate and bloom over winter and be adjusted to your conditions before scorching summer weather returns.

Cold Weather Flowers. Here are some other flowers that thrive in cool temperatures here: poppies, petunias, carnations and nasturtiums.

Foliar Feeding. Once the rains have stopped, help all your plants prepare for winter conditions with a foliar feeding. Use homemade compost tea or follow this link to a liquid seaweed fertilizer that has the micronutrients plants need: Sea Rich Foliar Plant Food

Fertilizing Tip. One plant you should not fertilize now is Bougainvillea. Pampering it now will actually mean less bloom later.

Spread the Wealth. If you've been composting all summer, spread it around now. Be sure to bury it or otherwise cover it so that the sun doesn't burn up the organic matter before it can nourish your soil. Start a new pile to work on during winter.