Monthly Garden Calendar for Northern Tier United States

Organic Gardening Month-to-Month Almanac

By Debby Flowers



Non-gardeners might think that in February gardening would be the last thing on our minds, but are they ever wrong! As we scurry from one warm place to the next, or relax in front of a toasty fire, a gardener's thoughts frequently turn to seeds, soil and the like. Although it is too early to get our hands into the earth, there are a few things we can busy ourselves with during spare moments.

Be Seed Savvy. Many of us have a box or bin full of leftover seeds. This may be a good time go through them to see just what you have. Consider trading extra seeds with other gardeners. Check out the Seed Swap section on the Organic Gardening message boards.

Take Stock of Supplies. Make sure you have everything that you'll need to start seeds: plastic trays and inserts, peat pots, organic fertilizer (I like fish emulsion) and most importantly seed starting soil mix.

Order Up Seeds. There are many new varieties of flowers and vegetables each year, and if you haven't discovered the wonderful flavors of heirloom vegetables, this may be the year to try some out.

Give Your Houseplants a Little TLC. Indoor plants can really benefit from increased humidity in their immediate area. Simply place a layer of rocks in a tray, add water, and then put your pots on top of this arrangement.

Have a February Feast. Do you have any apples, squash, or root vegetables left in storage? This is a good time to give them a careful going over. Squash and pumpkin does freeze well, so if you still have a lot of those, you may want to freeze up a few batches.