Monthly Garden Calendar for Southwest United States

Organic Gardening Month-to-Month Almanac

By John Dromgoole



If you haven't started mulching, now is the time to do it. I frequently hold off on mulching until late spring, but you can be generous with it at this point. Grass clippings or straw are very effective and easy to find.

Watering Tip. Slow deep soaking with drip irrigation or a soaker hose builds a very drought tolerant root system in any part of the landscape or garden.

Get Going on Transplants. Put out transplants of vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and okra early in the month and they will be well established for the fall garden. Now is also the last chance to plant sweet potatoes.

Planting Time. Plant corn, squash, melon and southern peas now so you can harvest them late in the summer.

Soil Moisture. Remember to keep the soil evenly moist for the vegetables to do their very best. Feed your vegetables and flowers with liquid fish or seaweed fertilizer or a topdressing of compost.

Garden Color. If space allows, plant some more color. In the Shady areas, dependable coleus or begonias are very colorful and well adapted. Plant marigolds in sunny locations for a brilliant show of color and variety. Cockscomb is an old fashioned favorite and a fine choice for cut flower gardens.

Slug Solution. Use diatomaceous earth or broken eggshells around seedlings and transplants to repel slugs and crawling insects.