Organic Gardening Month-to-Month Almanac
Improve your soil, prevent disease, mulch your plants, and enhance your compost with this powerhouse of a plant.
Cover crops are the secret to healthier soil, fewer weeds, and more beneficial insects.
Build a fire pit to practice the ancient art of fireside reverie.
Want to do your part to preserve biodiversity? Plant a garden of medicinal herbs.
Organic Gardening Month-to-Month Almanac
Turn digging in the dirt into a lifetime of love and respect for nature with your children.
Lessons learned about starting a school garden from our Organic Gardening WaterWorks projects.
Which mulch materials are best for your garden’s needs?
I read that you can toss some seeds right on top of the snow and they'll sprout when conditions are right. Is this true?
Find out what you need to be doing in your garden once the harvest has ended.
Improve the germination rates of your seeds
Clematis is called the queen of climbing vines, but her highness needs a yearly pruning to bestow those masses of flowers. Here's how and when to do it.
Step-by-step instructions for creating the deep, loose soil your plants desire.
Start an organic garden—even in a small space
Plant a garden in your window.
We've gathered a list of fantastic cut flowers, now all you have to do is choose which ones to grow.
Get your cages ready now before your tomatoes topple over!
Get those garden tools ready for work before the season starts.