Perennial Supports

Help your plants to stand tall.

By Doug Hall


Loop Stakes

These strong metal stakes with a curl at the top are indispensable for plants that suddenly become top-heavy when the flowers open. It takes mere seconds to prop up a stalk that has been toppled by wind, and seconds to remove the stake when it’s no longer needed. Use for: bearded irises, phlox, gladioli, lilies.

Stem Supports, two sizes, $3.70 and $4.40, from Lee Valley Tools.


  Perennial Support, stakes and twine


Certain perennials turn broad and billowy when they come into bloom, sprawling over their neighbors and leaning toward the sunlight. These wire semicircles, attached to two sturdy wire legs, can be quickly slipped into place to cradle lax stems and restore order. Use for: baptisia, Japanese anemones, heliopsis, boltonia, Russian sage.

Jardin Half-Round Plant Supports, four sizes, $21.95 to $29.95 for a set of two, from Gardener’s Supply Co.

  Perennial Support, half-rounds