Plant TNT: Hedgerows

An informal hedgerow is a biodiverse fence.

By Marty Wingate


A Living Fence

A few shrubs that lend themselves to hedgerows:

Deciduous shrubby trees (Amelanchier alnifolia in the Northwest or A. laevis in the East) with white spring flowers followed by blue fruit and bright fall color.

Most of North America has native viburnums, such as the Eastern arrowwood (Viburnum dentatum) and the American highbush cranberry (V. opulus var. americanum), which stretches to the West.

Wax Myrtles
The West Coast enjoys evergreen Myrica californica, and the East has semi-evergreen M. pennsylvanica.

American Holly (Ilex opaca)
An evergreen shrub that provides cover and food for wildlife; well suited to the Southeast.

Sweet Bay (Magnolia virginiana)
Semi-evergreen shrubby tree with fragrant flowers; tolerant of wet soils; native in the Southeast and into Texas.