Rose Care Year Round

Discover how easy and rewarding these lovely flowers are to grow.

By Annie ONeill


Reliable Roses for Every Climate
Three extraordinary roses that grow well virtually anywhere in the United States

'Home Run'. A modern shrub that's extremely disease-resistant. It has a striking single dark red flower, with a yellow center.

'New Dawn'. A light pink, fragrant climber that can romp over large structures. Almost indestructible--a great rose!

Rosa glauca. A species rose that grows up to 10 feet tall, with arching red canes, blue-green leaves, pretty pink flowers, and hips as an autumn bonus.

These beautiful, no-fuss roses thrive in all but the hottest and coldest areas of the country

'CécileBrunner'. A polyantha rose, available in shrub or climber form. It is disease-resistant, easy to grow, and beautiful, with sprays of shell-pink, fragrant "buttonhole" blooms.

'Julia Child'. A floribunda rose that's phenomenal from Texas to California to New York. It has buttery yellow blooms with a spicy fragrance on a well-behaved, disease-resistant 3 1/2-foot shrub.

'Madame Hardy'. A damask rose, white with a green eye, and perfume to die for.

Rosa primula. A species rose that makes a lovely garden plant, about 4 to 7 feet, with fragrant, light green leaflets. It is a very early blooming shrub with yellow, very fragrant blossoms.

'The McCartney Rose'. A vigorous, pink, fragrant hybrid tea that was tested under low-care conditions.