Rose Care Year Round

Discover how easy and rewarding these lovely flowers are to grow.

By Annie ONeill


For Regions with Hot and Humid Summers
'Reve d'Or'. A lovely yellow-flowered, fragrant, generously blooming climber, with elegant, long canes. It's a noisette rose, one of a class of roses that originated in South Carolina.

'Faith Whittlesey'. A white tea type rose that never seems to go out of bloom. 'Tipu's Flame' is a lovely red-blend shrub. Both bred in India, these tropical roses are truly tolerant of hot, humid weather.

'Mutabilis'. A China rose that is consistently covered in multicolored single blooms. An "EarthKind" certified rose tested by Texas A&M University, along with 14 others just as beautiful and trouble-free. Most are excellent throughout the rest of the country, as well.

For Regions with Hot and Dry Summers
All the roses recommended for hot and humid regions, above, also do well where it's hot and dry. In addition:

'Squatter's Dream'. Yellow blooms on a very healthy shrub. Bred for Australia's climate.

'Mermaid'. A single, fragrant yellow climber, with vigorous, healthy growth.

'Duchesse de Brabant'. A light pink tea rose that also has the EarthKind designation.

For Regions with Bitter Winters
'Quietness', 'Prairie Sunrise', and 'Prairie Sunset'. All were bred by Griffith Buck, Ph.D., of Iowa State University.

'Dortmund'. A tidy red-flowered climber with a white eye. Tested in cold weather and low-maintenance conditions.

'William Baffin'. A virtually indestructible climber, with deep pink blooms. Part of the Morden series, bred in Canada.