The Seven Samurai of Weed Control

Researchers from Cornell University found these perennials to be super weed suppressors.



Albiflorous Creeping Thyme is one of the 7 Samurai of Weed Control 5. 'Albiflorus' Creeping Thyme
(Thymus praecox)

  • Full sun to light shade
  • Mat-forming habit
  • 2 inches tall; 18 inches wide
  • Hardy in Zones 5 through 7
  • Vigorous spreader; thickens again in early fall after floweringv Needs to be weeded during first year because of low growth habit
  • Tiny white blooms in late spring and early summer
  • Pleasant-smelling, evergreen
  • Good for relatively dry conditions or on well-drained slopes, not for wet areas

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Photo: Photo(cc) Margot Here/Flickr