The Seven Samurai of Weed Control

Researchers from Cornell University found these perennials to be super weed suppressors.



Herman;s Pride False Lamium is one of the 7 Samurai of Weed Control 6. 'Herman's Pride' False Lamium
(Lamiastrum galeobdolon)

  • Light shade to full shade
  • Clumping, or restrained spreading, habit
  • 12 to 18 inches tall; 18 to 24 inches wide
  • Hardy in Zones 4 through 9
  • Fast-growing dense canopy spreads by stolons, particularly in second year
  • Maintains mottled yellow-green foliage throughout growing season
  • Pale yellow flowers from late spring through midsummer

Photo: (cc) Dean Morley/Flickr