Turn Up the Volume

A songbird garden guarantees a joyful noise.

By Cristina Santiestevan


learn how to attract songbirds to your gardenWhistles, Chirps, Buzzes, and Trills: Sparrows and Finches

This large group of songbirds includes towhees, grosbeaks, juncos, and a plethora of sparrows and finches. Some of the most common species—such as song sparrows, fox sparrows, white-throated sparrows, purple finches, and house finches—are real standout vocal artists.


  • Live in fields, yards, and open woodlands.
  • Eat seeds. Occasionally fruit and insects.
  • Nest in trees and shrubs or on the ground.
  • Attract with dense plantings of seed-bearing plants, such as purple coneflower, native grasses, and sunflowers.