Turn Up the Volume

A songbird garden guarantees a joyful noise.

By Cristina Santiestevan


learn how to attract songbirds to your gardenClear Notes and Cheerful Voices: Warblers

Bright colors and variable songs make the warblers some of the most beloved songbirds in North America. Tempt these insect-eaters with dense, multitiered plantings of shrubs and trees, which offer shelter and harbor insects. Warblers are also attracted to water.

  • Live in forests, open woodlands, and densely planted back yards.
  • Eat insects, usually harvested from trees or shrubs. Also fruit, in fall and winter.
  • Nest in trees or shrubs or on the ground. The prothonotary warbler nests in cavities.
  • Attract with dense, insect-harboring shrubs and moving water.