Turn Up the Volume

A songbird garden guarantees a joyful noise.

By Cristina Santiestevan


learn how to attract songbirds to your gardenGarden Gossips and Winter Chatter: Chickadees, Titmice, and Other Talkers

Chickadees and titmice chatter while foraging, and are not shy about scolding gardeners who venture too close. Because these diminutive birds rarely migrate, they provide gardeners with a soundtrack throughout the year. “The Peter-Peter-Peter song of tufted titmice can be heard not long after the winter solstice,” says Fairweather. “It’s my sign that spring will come.”

  • Live in forests, open woodlands, and well-treed back yards.
  • Eat insects, usually harvested from trees or shrubs. Also fruits and seeds.
  • Nest in cavities.
  • Attract with trees, shrubs, and nesting boxes.

“When you get down to it, all bird vocalizations have something to offer for the attentive listener,” says Harding, who believes there are no wrong choices when selecting the soundtrack for your garden.