Sunflower Varieties for All Occasions

Which sunflower varieties are best for your garden


The Best Small Sunflowers

'Big Smile' will give you one. These 10-to-24-inch plants produce 3-to-6-inch blooms in bright golden yellow with nearly black centers. Perfect for containers.

'Elf' produces 4-inch blooms on a plant that grows to only 16 inches tall—great for containers. Also attracts butterflies.

'Junior' is the first pollen-free, dwarf, branching sunflower. The 2-foot-high plants boast bright yellow petals on 4-to-5-inch faces.

'Little Becka' packs a lot of personality into a relatively small package. At only 3 feet high, it produces a profusion of 6-inch bicolor flowers of red and yellow.