Sunflower Varieties for All Occasions

Which sunflower varieties are best for your garden


The Best Sunflowers for Snacking

'Hopi Black Dye' is an indigenous variety once grown by Native Americans for use as both dye and food. Golden yellow petals surround a dark, blue-black center on a plant that grows to about 9 feet tall.

'Royal Hybrid' is a high-yielding seed used by growers to produce bird and snack seed for the market. Plants grow 7 feet and up and produce large, edible seeds on 8-inch flowerheads.

'Snack Seed' is a large-headed hybrid producing pounds of fat seeds for humans and birds.

'Super Snack Mix' produces only single, 10-inch flowers on a 5-foot plant, but the seeds are extremely large and easy to crack.

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