Tools for Newbies

Editor-recommended tools for new gardeners.

By Katie Walker


Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime” is an adage that applies to gardening, too. To introduce a friend to the joy of “grow your own,” offer a useful tool along with the promise of your support and advice. With all there is to learn, gardening can sometimes seem overwhelming. But guidance from a seasoned veteran can set the spark for a lifetime of gardening joy. Organic Gardening’s editors were once beginners, as well. We present their favorite tools—and suggest currently available equivalents—for you to share with the newbie gardeners in your life.

Editor-recommended tools for new gardeners.Soil Fork

Eric Hurlock, Online Editor:

As a young gardener, I was given this soil fork by an old-time organic gardener with the words “This is really all you need.” Over the years, I’ve come to value this fork more and more—it’s perfect for prepping new beds, turning the soil in old beds, and cultivating between rows during the growing season. Sometimes I even use it to turn my compost. Spear & Jackson’s Digging Fork will allow you to do the same. $60 from Peaceful Valley

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