Top 10 Tips for Seed Shopping from Catalogs

10 tips to help you make the best seed purchases.


what you should know before ordering seeds from a catalogSeed shopping by mail can certainly liven up a dreary winter’s day. These guidelines will help you make the best seed choices for your garden:

1. Peruse a variety of seed catalogs to compare selection and prices.

2. Start seed shopping in winter so you can work out the details of your seed-sowing and transplanting schedule.

3. Keep all seed catalogs for use as reference once you begin planting.

4. Look for catalogs that specialize in plants that grow well in your specific region of the country.

5. Weigh the amount of variety you want versus the price of the seed packets. Small seed packets of individual plants are reasonably priced but only contain one type of plant. Seed mixtures give you many types of plants in a single packet but usually cost significantly more.