Top 10 Tips for Seed Shopping from Catalogs

10 tips to help you make the best seed purchases.


what you should know before ordering seeds from a catalog6. Realize that the number of days to maturity quoted in catalogs is an estimate. The actual number of days may be slightly different for your area.

7. Decide between hybrids and open-pollinated cultivars. Hybrids may produce earlier harvests and higher yields, but open-pollinated cultivars may taste better, produce over a longer season, and usually cost less.

8. Watch out for seeds that are treated with synthetic chemical fungicide. When ordering, specify untreated seeds.

9. Choose cultivars that have qualities that are important to you, such as plant size, habit, and tolerance of your soil conditions.

10. Look for All-America Selections because these tend to grow and produce well in a variety of conditions.