Top Ten Garden Insect Pests

A least most wanted list


learn how to control aphids in the  garden7. Flea beetles (several species)
Small, dark beetles that jump like fleas when disturbed.

Host/Range: Most vegetable crops. Found throughout North America.

Damage: Adults chew numerous small, round holes in leaves; most damaging to young plants; larvae feed on plant roots.

Control: Apply floating row covers; repel the pests by spraying plants with garlic spray or kaolin clay; for a serious infestation, try repeated sprays of Beauveria bassiana or spinosad.

8. Tarnished plant bug (Lygus lineolaris)
Fast-moving, mottled, green or brown bugs, forewings with black-tipped yellow triangles. Nymphs: similar to adults, but wingless.

Host/Range: Many flowers, fruits, vegetables. Found throughout North America.

Control: Adults and nymphs suck plant juices, causing leaf and fruit distortion, wilting, stunting, and tip dieback.

Damage: Keep garden weed free in spring. Apply floating row covers; encourage native predatory insects; spray young nymphs with Beauveria bassiana or neem.