Veggies of a Different Color

The Organic Gardening Test Garden yielded a rainbow harvest in 2012.

By Doug Hall



Even the eggplant avoiders on our staff were won over by two high-yielding varieties of this summer staple.

Clara Eggplant

‘Clara’. Ivory-colored ‘Clara’ is notable for tender, creamy fruits without a trace of bitterness. ‘Clara’ is a generous producer, too.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Photo: Patrick Montero

‘Little Green’. The smaller stature of ‘Little Green’ makes it a good choice for growing in containers. The chartreuse fruits are smaller than ‘Clara’ but every bit as delicious.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Photo: Patrick Montero

Little Green Eggplant


With a pleasant diversity of leaf forms and colors, lettuce is the ultimate mix-and-match vegetable—and they all look lovely in the salad bowl.

‘Brigitte’. ‘Brigitte’, with its lacquered burgundy leaves, was delicious in spring but bolted quickly in hot weather.

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

Photo: Patrick Montero

Brigitte Lettuce
Lettuce Mayan jaguar

‘Mayan Jaguar’. We love the crunchy, tasty, two-tone leaves of this Romaine variety. Romaine lettuces don’t always form heads in some climates, but ‘Mayan Jaguar’ can be harvested like a looseleaf.

Fedco Seeds

Photo: Patrick Montero

‘Mottistone’. ‘Mottistone’ is a pretty speckled Batavian-type lettuce.

Territorial Seed Co.

Photo: Patrick Montero

Mottistone Lettuce
Three Heart Lettuce

‘Three Heart’. This petite butterhead with wavy chartreuse leaves and a soft texture was the favorite lettuce among our test gardeners in 2012.

Seed Savers Exchange

Photo: Patrick Montero