Veggies of a Different Color

The Organic Gardening Test Garden yielded a rainbow harvest in 2012.

By Doug Hall


Sweet Peppers

Without a doubt, the pepper bed was the most colorful in the 2012 test garden. Our trials included four sweet peppers.

‘Cherry Stuffer’. ‘Cherry Stuffer’ impressed our test gardeners with sweet, thick-walled fruits of a consistently diminutive size.

The Cook’s Garden

Photo: Thomas MacDonald

Cherry Stuffer Pepper
Flamingo Pepper

‘Flamingo’. ‘Flamingo’ starts out ivory-yellow before transitioning to apricot and finally lipstick red. It’s slow to ripen, however, and we ended up harvesting many fruits in the unripe stages.

Territorial Seed Co.

Photo: Patrick Montero

‘Golden Cal Wonder’. A somewhat stingy producer, this sweet pepper bore the largest and best-tasting fruits in our 2012 trials.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply

Photo: Thomas MacDonald

Flamingo Pepper
Tequila Pepper


‘Tequila’. Lilac ‘Tequila’ is lovely to behold—and a heavy yielder—but the thin-walled fruits lack flavor.

Tomato Growers Supply Co.

Photo: Patrick Montero


Hot Peppers

Three hot peppers ignited our taste buds. All were amazingly productive.


‘Black Hungarian’. These spicy, smoky fruits ripen from near-black to dusky red. Mildly hot.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply

Photo: Thomas MacDonald

Black Hungarian Pepper
Cayenetta Pepper

‘Cayennetta’. Slender, red ‘Cayennetta’ has the flavor and appearance of a cayenne, but with less heat. Trouble-free and healthy, it’s an All-America Selections winner.

Harris Seeds

Photo: Patrick Montero

‘Lemon Drop’. With a flavor that combines fire with citrus, ‘Lemon Drop’ is a zippy addition to relishes, chutneys, or pepper jelly.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Photo: Patrick Montero

Lemon Drop Pepper