Veggies of a Different Color

The Organic Gardening Test Garden yielded a rainbow harvest in 2012.

By Doug Hall



 ‘Golden Egg’ summer squash. ‘Golden Egg’ boasts an unusual shape but the same nutty flavor and prolific nature you’d expect from a summer squash. The bright yellow fruits are easy to spot among the leaves. Flavor and texture are best when the fruits are harvested small—no more than 5 ninches long.


Photo: Patrick Montero

Golden Egg Summer Squash
Jester Acorn Squash Summer Squash

‘Jester’ acorn squash. ‘Jester’ has the shape of a small acorn squash with the ivory-streaked skin of a delicata. It’s pretty and prolific, with a mild-sweet flavor.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Photo: Thomas MacDonald



Portuguese kale

Portuguese kale. Portuguese kale has broad, flat, leathery leaves that are similar to collard greens, but crisper and sweeter. In fertile soil, the leaves reach monstrous proportions. The harvest continues through summer heat and well past fall frosts.

Renee’s Garden

Photo: Patrick Montero

‘Purple Peacock’ broccoli. With its smallish heads, ‘Purple Peacock’ will never replace traditional green varieties of broccoli in our garden, but it’s worth growing for the harvest of heads, stems, and leaves that are tender and sweet. It’s ornamental, too, looking more like ‘Red Russian’ kale than broccoli.

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

Photo: Patrick Montero

Purple Peacock Broccoli

Little Jade Nappa Cabbbage

‘Little Jade’ Napa cabbage. Don’t be fooled by the “little” in the name—‘Little Jade’ is nearly as large as standard heads of Napa cabbage. In the test garden, spring and fall plantings were both quick to form crisp, mild heads.

Renee’s Garden

Photo: Mitch Mandel