Veggies of a Different Color

The Organic Gardening Test Garden yielded a rainbow harvest in 2012.

By Doug Hall


Other Vegetables

Capitano Bush Bean

‘Capitano’ bush bean. A yellow bush bean, ‘Capitano’ has the broad, flat pods and firm texture of a Romano-style bean. It produces well over a long harvest season and is good for freezing.

Territorial Seed Co.

Photo: Patrick Montero

Neon Glow Mix Swiss chard. A blend of two colors of Swish chard, one with yellow ribs and the other magenta, Neon Glow Mix is a bright addition to kitchen gardens.

Renee’s Garden

Photo: Patrick Montero


Swiss Chard neon Mix



‘Mahogany Splendor’ hibiscus. This ornamental hibiscus was hard to overlook in the 2012 test garden. The dissected burgundy leaves resemble those of a Japanese maple. Starting from seed, the shrubby plants grow rapidly to head height.


Photo: Thomas MacDonald

Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus
Black Olive Ornamental Pepper

‘Black Olive’ ornamental pepper. Charcoal-shaded foliage distinguishes this compact bedding plant, which becomes spangled with marble-sized fruits as the season progresses. The fruits mature from glossy black to red. An All-America Selections winner.

Park Seed

Photo: Thomas MacDonald

‘Summer Jewel Pink’ salvia. A domesticated version of the scarlet sage native to the southeastern United States, ‘Summer Jewel Pink’ is attractive to hummingbirds and beneficial insects. The compact plants are perpetual bloomers. An All-America Selections winner.

Harris Seeds

Photo: Thomas MacDonald

Summer Jewel Pink Salvia
Pop Art Red and Yellow Zinnia

‘Pop Art Red & Yellow’ zinnia. These cheerful yellow zinnias are randomly splashed and speckled with red. No two are alike. Plants grow about 3 feet tall.


Photo: Patrick Montero