The 11 Best Hot Dogs

Grilling season is here, and we've got the best way to celebrate: humanely raised, hormone-free hotdogs.

By Emily Main


These Nature's Prime hotdogs contain zero nitrates and are uncured.11. Nature's Prime Organic Bratwursts

Calories: 110
Fat: 7 g (2.5 g saturated)
Sodium: 360 mg
$41.99/24 sausages;

Good to know: Even though these and all the other organic hot dogs on our list are labeled "uncured" or "no added nitrites or nitrates," they aren't completely free of those chemicals, which have been linked to colon cancer. Arcane USDA rules require products without synthetic nitrites and nitrates to be labeled this way, but organic hotdogs contain both chemicals, which occur naturally in celery powder, celery juice, sea salt and other spices used to preserve the dogs, at varying levels. Bottom line: Even organic hotdogs should be eaten only occasionally.

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