The 11 Best Hot Dogs

Grilling season is here, and we've got the best way to celebrate: humanely raised, hormone-free hotdogs.

By Emily Main


Rocky Mountain Organic Meats makes delicious, all-natural hotdogs like these.4. Rocky Mountain Organic Meats

Nutrition info isn't available because the cost of getting that information was too high for this small, Wyoming-based ranch, says the company's president and founder Rod Morrison. "All of our hotdogs are completely grass-fed, and everything comes from Wyoming," he says. "We’re the cowboy state. We know how to do this."
$7.95/4 hotdogs;

Good to know: Per USDA guidelines, hotdogs that list "by-products" or "variety meats" on their ingredients labels need only contain 15 percent muscle meat to be called hotdogs. Don't worry—none of our picks contain "variety meats."