The 11 Best Hot Dogs

Grilling season is here, and we've got the best way to celebrate: humanely raised, hormone-free hotdogs.

By Emily Main


These Prather Ranch hotdogs are from a small, organic ranch in California.6. Prather Ranch Organic Beef Hot Dogs

Like Rocky Mountain Organic Meats, this small California-based hot dog company didn't pay for nutritional info. "None of our customers really ask," says Steve McCarthy, one of the ownders. "They just like how our hot dogs taste and they trust our brand." Look for them at farmer's markets in the San Francisco Bay area, or at their new restaurant in the San Francisco Ferry building. Or, just order them online.
$48.50/25 hot dogs (5 lb. package);

Good to Know: The California ranch where Prather Ranch meats are raised meet the standards for the Certified Humane Raised & Handled label, which requires yearly audits to ensure animals are allowed to roam in their natural environment throughout their entire lives. The farm is also certified by the Food Alliance.