11 Summer Safety Tips

From spoiled food to buggy backyards, a little planning will keep your holiday weekend problem-free.


9. Here Comes the Sun

The problem: You turned into a sun-scalded lobster the last time you partied outside.

Solve it: Sunburn prevention shouldn’t rely solely on sunscreens. In fact, sunscreen alone can’t keep you safe. Compounding the problem, many sunscreens contain hormone-disrupting chemicals like benzophenone or octinoxate that act like excess estrogen in the body. More natural formulations often harbor zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in nanoparticle form, which hasn’t been proven safe, either. (Retinol A in sunscreen might accelerate tumor growth!) Visit the Environmental Working Group's 2012 Sunscreen Guide to find safer sunscreen, and adopt less-toxic forms of sun protection, as well. Better yet, stay out of the sun during prime burn time—10 a.m. to 4 p.m.—or use sun-protection clothing and wide-brimmed hats to reduce exposure.