11 Summer Safety Tips

From spoiled food to buggy backyards, a little planning will keep your holiday weekend problem-free.


10. Lightning Strikes

The problem: A storm approaches and you don’t want anyone to become a rare lightning strike victim at your get-together.

Solve it: Throwing an outdoor shindig brings with it the added stress of what to do if the weather doesn't cooperate. But protecting yourself and your guests from serious summer storms and lightning is as easy as memorizing this catchy phrase: “When thunder roars, go indoors.” If you hear thunder, lightning is near.

If a thunderstorm strikes your party, have guests go inside a large permanent structure or sit inside their vehicles to wait out the weather. (Sorry, open-top Jeeps and convertibles won’t suffice—the cover needs to be fully enclosed.) Don’t flock to sheds, covered porches, or picnic pavilions—they won’t protect you from a lightning strike.