5 Fixes for a Better Beach Trip

From dog poo management, to safer ways to fend off the sun, these good choices can protect you and the oceans we depend on.

By Leah Zerbe


Staying hydrated while playing in the sand is crucial.4. Dehydration
It’s easy to forget about drinking water when you’re enjoying the beach, but dehydration will spoil the party in a hurry.

What to do:
Load up on water, but try to pack your own in stainless steel reusable water bottles in a cooler; this will help cut down on plastic consumption and save you money. Avoiding plastic packaging in general is a great favor you can do for your oceans, since many are contaminated with huge amounts of not only plastic trash, but also plastic pellets used in plastic production. Sea animals and shorebirds often mistake these pellets for food, which can be a lethal mistake.