5 Food Swaps for a Cheaper Grocery Bill

Tired of watching your grocery bill keep going up? Stop buying expensive food!

By Emily Main


Opt for granola with raisins instead of cherriesGranola

A string of 80-degree days early in spring, followed by weeks of harsh freezing, spelled doom for Michigan cherry farmers, who grow 75 percent of the country’s sour cherry crop. Some farmers lost as much as 90 percent of their harvests. Why should you care? A lot of those cherries wind up in granola, granola bars, trail mixes, pie fillings, and cherry juice.

Cheaper swap: Cherries are antioxidant powerhouses, but according to research from the USDA, our bodies absorb antioxidants from grapes, wild blueberries, and kiwi better than they absorb those found in cherries. This winter, go for granolas containing raisins and dried wild blueberries, like Nature’s Path certified-organic, high-fiber Cinnamon Raison Granola.