5 Great Last-Minute Fitness Gifts

Here are some great gift ideas for the newbies, experienced exercisers, and need-more-activity kids on your list.

By Adam Bean


These last-minute fitness gifts are great ways to have fun and stay active.For the outdoor exerciser:

Cold-weather exercise gear. This time of year, a gift of insulated mittens, gloves, or a hat can make a huge difference in outdoor workouts (especially for exercisers who don't like to spend money on "technical" gear). For suggestions, check out RunnersWorld.com's fall and winter clothing gear review.

Where to find it: Sporting-goods stores; specialized running or cycling stores.

Estimated cost: $15 to $50

For the child who needs a bit more activity:

Cranium Hullabaloo. Think “Twister” for little kids: You spread out different shapes and objects on the floor, push the start button on the console, and the game takes it from there. Directions like “Gallop to a square!” and “Crawl to the broccoli!” will keep kids moving—and laughing—for hours. Meantime, they’ll be learning about shapes, colors, and words. Appropriate for ages 4 and up.

Estimated cost: $25

Where to find it: Toy stores, department stores