5 Pain-Relieving Yoga Poses

Ease your aches with these five easy-to-master moves

By Melissa Katz


Yoga Pose: Butterfly
Try it for: Hip pain
Sitting on blanket on floor, bring soles of feet together, knees wide so legs form a diamond. Keep entire back straight and shoulders relaxed as you breathe and gently drop weight of legs, slowly allowing knees to lower toward floor. For gentler relief, place blocks or pillows beneath outer knees for support.
— Annie Moyer, yoga instructor at Sun and Moon Studios in Virginia

Yoga Pose: Rear Arm Lift with Strap
Try it for: Shoulder pain
This stretch is also known as "Standing Yoga Mudra" pose. Stand tall, feet hip-width apart, holding strap in one hand. Sweep both arms behind back and pull shoulders in to grasp strap with both hands in a comfortable position. Walk hands toward each other, creating an opening in chest as shoulder blades move toward one another. Breathe as you adjust shoulders, easing or increasing tension.
— Vandita Kate Marchesiello, director for the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA)

Yoga Pose: Wall Plank
Try it for: Elbow and shoulder pain
Stand facing wall with feet hip-width apart. Place palms against wall, arms extended, and slowly lean forward, letting body rest on hands. Keep arms in and body in a straight line as you slowly bend elbows, inching closer. When nose touches wall (or you feel discomfort), slowly push back to standing.
— Cynthia Maltenfort, yoga instructor at Sun and Moon Studios in Virginia.

Published November 2011, Prevention | Updated January 2012