5 Projects for Summer’s Last Hurrah

Trying to decide what to do with your long weekend? Here are some activities for the last days of summer.

By Jean Nick


Canning and preserving your fruits and veggies is a good summer project.1. Stockpile Your Fruit for the Long Winter

I enjoy turning the bounty of my garden and local farms into food to enjoy later and give as gifts, and it gives me a wonderful sense of thrifty satisfaction that warms my nickel-pinching heart. Some early apples have started to fall that, along with my frozen blackberries, will go into apple-blackberry jelly. And a storm lent me a helping hand by knocking a few pears out of the tops of the trees, where I couldn’t reach them, to use in pear butter. 

If you plan on doing some canning and preserving yourself, stock up on these reusable lids and rubber seals. They’re free of hormone-disrupting BPA, which is used to line the bottoms of standard metal canning lids. They cost a bit more up front but will pay for themselves in a few seasons and work with standard canning jars and rings.

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