5 Projects for Summer’s Last Hurrah

Trying to decide what to do with your long weekend? Here are some activities for the last days of summer.

By Jean Nick


Creating some herbal drinks and infusions from the garden can be fun.3. Create Some Herbal Infusions

If I’m really industrious, I may harvest some of my frost-tender herbs such as basil and pineapple sage to freeze in ice cubes for winter use. I also want to be sure to cut back my stevia plant soon in preparation for bringing it in for the winter and dry the trimmings for sweetening winter teas. For tips on drying and freezing herbs, see Easy Ways to Preserve Herbs. 

Feeling even more industrious? Fresh herbs can be used to make herbal-infused vodkas and herb-flavored sugars that you can hand out over the holidays, or just enjoy yourself in a hot toddy or your weekend baking.

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