5 Projects for Summer’s Last Hurrah

Trying to decide what to do with your long weekend? Here are some activities for the last days of summer.

By Jean Nick


Throw a party to cap off your summer holiday!5. Throw a Party!
This is, after all, summer's big blowout, so make it fun! Rid your grill of a summer’s worth of burned burgers with these nontoxic grill-cleaning tips, then toss on a homemade grilled pizza. Try this recipe that you can make ahead for super-quick and easy crusts for your pizza. Looking for some snacks that aren’t loaded with nasty ingredients and a huge price tag? Try my baked potato sticks and kale crisps or whip up a few batches of tasty whole=grain crackers. 

And should that crowd get restive, here are some Labor Day activities for your back yard or for indoors (in case the weather outside is frightful).

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