6 Shocking Facts About Your Salad Dressing

Your greens may be natural, but be careful what you’re using to top off that salad.

By Leah Zerbe


salad dressings may contain questionable color additives.4. It’s full of questionable colors.
Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals sounds natural enough, but some of the color in the company's Pomegranate Vinaigrette comes not from real fruit but from Red #40, an artificial food dye linked to ADHD in children. Kraft’s Creamy Ranch contains Yellow #5, a fake food dye that causes allergic reactions in certain people and could harbor cancer-causing substances like benzidine.
Be wary of caramel colors, too. "Many salad dressing flavors like honey mustard, Caesar, or creamy balsamic rely on caramel coloring to give them their rich brown or golden hue," Bradley explains, noting that some caramel colors have been linked to cancer.
Try this instead: Chelten House Organic Honey Mustard or this easy, do-it-yourself recipe