6 Shocking Facts About Your Salad Dressing

Your greens may be natural, but be careful what you’re using to top off that salad.

By Leah Zerbe


Your salad dressing may contain hidden fats5. It could contain deadly hidden fats.
Trans fats are dangerous industrialized fats that your taste buds love but your body hates, thanks to the ingredient’s tendency to promote heart disease. Used to help extend a product’s shelf life, trans fats are required to be labeled, but there’s a loophole, and food manufacturers are capitalizing on it.
Try this instead: Since products containing less than .5 grams of trans fat per serving aren’t required to disclose this on the label, look for other warning signs, such as ingredients listing “partially hydrogenated,” “shortening,” or “interesterified.” To reduce the time it takes to read the fine print, just grab an organic dressing, like Annie’s Naturals Organic Buttermilk dressing, where trans fats and many other toxic ingredients are banned.
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Photo: (cc) Raisa H/Flickr