6 Surprising All-Natural Air Fresheners

DIY deodorizers made from simple household ingredients.

By Emily Main


Before you reach for that artificially scented bottle of "Hawaiian Aloha," which likely contains dozens of air pollutants, consider healthier air-freshening alternatives. Most of them are available in unexpected places, such as your liquor cabinet or your garbage can...or even on you. Here are six interesting ways to clean up.


vodka: an unusual air freshener #1: Vodka
Ethyl alcohol, found in vodka and other spirits, is a main ingredient in most commercial air fresheners. Cleaning your air with vodka allows you to get rid of musty odors without saturating the air (or your lungs) with added chemicals, like petroleum-derived propellants and harmful synthetic fragrances. Vodka leaves no odor as it dries, so you can spray it straight into your air as is, or add 20 to 30 drops of your favorite essential oils for a pleasant scent.