6 Surprising Heart Disease Warning Signs

Check out these uncommon warning signs that might put your heart at risk.

By Dana Blinder


Marital Stress: A Warning Sign Of Heart Disease6. Marital stress
Frequent arguments in your relationship may increase a woman’s odds of an actual broken heart. A University of Utah study found women suffering from marital stress were at risk for additional symptoms of heart disease. Differences in hormones and how the sexes handle stress may explain why men were not similarly affected. “Women’s hearts are very different than men’s hearts in terms of circulation and receptors they have for certain hormones,” says Dr. Alvarez.

Do this. Take a deep breath. Stress can result in high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and depression. Dr. Alvarez suggests people with difficulties controlling stress should seek help with coping. “We all have stress and how we respond is very different, but there are methods to deal with your perception of stress and limit it,” he says. Try stress-reduction tactics like regular exercise, yoga, and mindfulness mediation. For relationship-related stress, discuss the option of marital counseling with your partner.