6 Weird Workouts to Keep You Trim Over the Holidays

Spice up your exercise this season and avoid that extra holiday weight gain!

By Leah Zerbe


These fun workouts will keep you fit and lean over the holidays.BLAST900
This 60-minute, "ultimate full-body workout" focuses on calorie-blasting interval exercises, is advertised to burn a whopping 900 calories in an hour. Balancing different levels of aerobic and strength training, you'll be bench pressing one minute, and sprinting the next! While classes are currently limited to the Atlanta area, you can tap the power of interval training anywhere. For more workout ideas, tap these interval workouts from menshealth.com.

Celebrate movement with batuka, a fusion of dance, martial arts, and high-intensity functional training. Batuka means a festive and vibrant gathering of people enjoying music, rhythm, and dance. The fitness and wellness system was designed by a Grammy-winning songwriter and music producer. His original music is coupled with pre-choreographed routines. Expect to see classes in your area soon if they aren't being offering already.

The MIX Technique
A new workout regimen featuring a fusion of ballet, yoga, and Pilates, this exercise will keep you switching up between graceful dancing and downward dogs. Currently only offered at the San Diego studio where it was developed, you can incorporate dance, yoga, and Pilates in your own workout routine to give your muscles and your mind a boost.

SKORE Cross Conditioning
This new semi-private training session for individuals offers a powerful and multidimensional workout for the entire body. Offered exclusively at Legacy Gym in Los Angeles, SKORE Cross Conditioning features 55 minutes of intense spinning and Kranking (think pedaling a bike with your arms), strengthening and toning both the upper and lower body while blasting

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