67 Ways to Be Healthier in a Minute or Less!

It takes only 60 seconds to prolong your life.

By Jeff Csatari


67 ways to get be healthierEnergize for Less
When you’re tired and need a lift, pass on the coffee or those expensive caffeinated multi-hour energy shots and have a club soda with lime. The carbonation and aroma will energize you.

Talk More Like Barry White
Make your phone voice sound richer and deeper by standing up when on an important call. Standing lengthens your diaphragm, making you sound more confident. It also forces oxygen deeper into your lungs, improving alertness.

60-Second Health Check: Your Skin
Take your shoes and socks off, grab a hand mirror, and examine your feet. Melanoma can develop even in places that don't see much sun. The three most common on the feet: the soles, between the toes, and around or under the toenails. Check once a month for spots that are new or asymmetrical or that change in size, color, or thickness.

Arouse Her/His Interest
It takes just 10 seconds, but it can lead to greater intimacy and more satisfying sex. We’re talking about talking dirty. Whisper something dirty when he or she least expects it, such as in an art gallery, at the public library, in the produce section of the Piggy Wiggly supermarket. For some people, hearing sexy talk in unusual environments is especially arousing, says sex therapist Barbara Keesling, Ph.D.

Purr-fect Your Posture
Stretch like a cat for 30 to 60 seconds when you roll out of bed each morning. It’s like hitting a reset button on your body. Get on all fours on the floor and curl your back toward the ceiling like a frightened cat. Hold for 10 seconds, then bend in the opposite direction, lowering your bellybutton toward the floor while keeping your arms straight, hands directly under your shoulders and your thighs perpendicular to the floor. Catlike stretching first thing in the morning improves posture, promotes blood flow, and relieves body tension, according to the Meow Clinic. Sorry, we meant Mayo Clinic.

Don’t Forget Your Lunch
Thinking about what you ate for lunch could keep you from bingeing on afternoon snacks. In a study, subjects were told they were taste-testing three different types of salted popcorn. They were encouraged to eat as much as they wanted. Interestingly, those who were first asked to recall exactly what they had eaten for lunch consumed 30 percent less popcorn than those who didn’t review their lunch menu beforehand. The researchers say that taking a few seconds to remember what you had during a recent meal might enhance awareness of how satiating the food was, which then might reduce future noshing.

Clean Your Trap
Take 10 seconds to empty the lint trap in your clothes dryer every time you add a load. Then take 30 seconds once a month to clean the lint and other highly flammable bits from underneath the dryer. Doing so can help prevent a dryer fire (and it'll lower your dryer's energy use by 30 percent). More than 13,000 lint-fueled dryer fires occur in U.S. households every year, killing 15 people on average, injuring 300, and causing $80 million in property damage.

Take a Multivitamin
It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you’re consuming the essential vitamins and minerals you may not be getting from food. Make sure your supplement delivers 400 IU of vitamin D. An Archives of Internal Medicine report shows that that amount of vitamin D a day reduces risk of early death by 7 percent.

You Say You Want a Revolution?
Go longer without tiring out and get a better bike workout by keeping your pedal cadence at 80 revolutions per minute or higher. Once you establish that pedal speed, use your gears to maintain that rate as grade or terrain changes. The goal is to get your pedals to turn at roughly the same rate whether your bike speed is a little slower going uphill or faster going downhill.

Put Your Heart on Island Time
Calm a racing heart by cuing up Bob Marley on your iPod. The beat of a typical reggae tune is 60 per minute, about the rate of a normal heartbeat.

Kiss and Tingle
Before you plant a kiss on him, swipe on mint lip balm to engage your sensations of touch, taste, and smell. “Menthol triggers the body’s cold receptors, and when that's combined with your warm breath, you'll feel a tingly sensation from your lips straight down to your genitals," says sexologist Ava Cadell, Ph.D.

Put a Fork in It
Eat slower and you’ll probably eat less. Do both by holding your fork in your nondominant hand. Bring plenty of napkins.