67 Ways to Be Healthier in a Minute or Less!

It takes only 60 seconds to prolong your life.

By Jeff Csatari


67 ways to get be healthierMultitask with an Apple
Too rushed to brush at the office? Eat an apple. Apples dislodge food and stimulate saliva flow to counteract plaque and bad breath.

Order the Broccoli; Go Bananas
Boosting your fiber intake is one of the most important dietary changes you can make to lower blood pressure (BP). So is eating a banana once a day. Bananas are rich in BP-lowering potassium.

Never Miss a Workout
On Sunday evening, take a minute to block out on your calendar 30 minutes for exercise at least three times during the coming week. Put it into your Outlook or other scheduling program as if it were an important business meeting, and you’ll be less likely to skip it.

60-Second Stress Buster
Hang a key rack near the front door and make a habit of putting your keys there as soon as you walk in. You’ll never again have to frantically search for them when you’re already running late.

Compliment Your Spouse
One study found that an unhappy marriage increases your chances of getting sick by 35 percent and shortens your lifespan by 4 years. An easy way to instantly improve a marriage (and your health) is to regularly tell your spouse what you admire and respect about him or her. “It takes less than a minute and it can have a profound impact,” says marriage counselor Mario Alonso, Ph.D., founder of the personality website www.PsychDNA.com. “Partners who feel secure and well-loved suffer from less depression.” In a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, 74 percent of the happiest couples reported that their spouses “often” made them feel good about the kind of person they are (in comparison to 27 percent of moderately happy or unhappy couples.)

Slice Thin, Eat Less
Slicing thinly will make your portions seem bigger and more satisfying. In a study at Japan's National Food Research Institute, participants who compared equal amounts of sliced and whole vegetables rated the sliced piles up to 27 percent larger. When you believe you're eating a larger portion of food, you'll trick yourself into feeling more satisfied with fewer calories.

Soothe Sore Eyes
To ease eyestrain fast, briskly rub your hands together to generate heat. Then place them over your closed eyes. The gentle pressure and warmth will soothe your peepers.

Drink Your Vitamins
You've admirably resisted the Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries in favor of a less-sugary breakfast cereal that’s been fortified with vitamins. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting 100 percent of those nutrients listed on the side of the box. As much as 40 percent of the vitamins can leach into the puddle of milk you leave behind. Drink it up!

Bust Dust
When working in dusty or smoky places, rub a bit of petroleum jelly inside your nostrils to prevent inhaling offensive particles.

Make the Medicine Go Down
A few seconds before swallowing bad-tasting liquid medicine, suck on an ice cube. It’ll numb your tastebuds and make the medicine taste less nasty.

Sore Back. Tennis Anyone?
Cut a slit into an old tennis ball, squeeze it open, fill it with water, and toss it in a freezer. Next time your back is sore, lie on your back, slip the frozen ball under your lower back, and roll around on it for soothing cold and pressure.